Divine ice cream, divine offers!

Now every Monday and Wednesday enjoy 2 ice creams at the price of 1.


Now even more consumers can get a code!

• Cosmote subscribers can send an SMS to 19019 (0,20€/SMS) and immediately get a digital code, by SMS on their mobile which is the medium to get the offer.

• Fixed telephony subscribers of OTE need to call at 13019 (0,20€/call) from their fixed telephone, in order to receive the code.

• All Cosmote subscribers, or OTE fixed telephony subscribers can sign in at, by entering their phone number. Immediately they will get a code and their phone will be charged with 0,20€.

• Even OTE TV subscribers can get a code! They can sign in via using their 10-digits subscriber id. Automatically the subscriber gets charged, receives a code and redeems it to the stores.


*Valid every Monday and Wednesday, for up to 3 scoops of ice cream and two toppings (selection of syrups). The offer is valid only for take away. The most expensive product is charged.

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