Favourite flavours in dodoni ice creams


This summer, dodoni is calling on all its 46 years of experience to bring a new and innovative dimension to its delicious ice cream.

The new flavours created by Giannis Apostolakis and the sugarless range with Sweete (the sweetener made from the stevia plant) have been joined by a new concept in ice cream: adding Greece’s favourite chocolate bars, Pavlides Dark® and Lacta®, to pure dodoni ice cream to create a delicious frozen treat that is simply divine!

dodoni has done the same with Merenda®, the hazelnut praline  that turns a slice of bread into a delicious snack. So Merenda® can now be enjoyed with a spoon or on a cone of dodoni!

The new range of flavours doesn’t stop there; dodoni’s dairy ice cream has also been given some extra crunch with the addition of OREO® cookies to create Cream & Cookies OREO®, another refreshing option for young and old alike.

And these aren’t dodoni’s only exciting new creations featuring popular brands! Two more mouth-watering options are Forest Fruits Cheesecake with delicious Philadelphia® cream cheese and Cream & Cookies OREO® cake!

They’re perfect for treating friends and family on a special occasion – or to enjoy on your own together with a scoop of dodoni ice cream!

What a divine  temptation!