A divine summer for dodoni flavours

The conclusions to be drawn for dodoni ice cream from the summer season are positive. The company maintained its leading position in the premium ice cream sector, bucking the downward trend (estimated at 20%) recorded by the market as a whole. Bouncing back from the problems caused by the fire at its facility in 2012, the figures vindicate dodoni’s move to revitalise its image and offer new menu options, satisfying the company’s primary ambition that this summer should form the basis for its future growth.

Following the principle of constant evolution of its ice cream, dodoni innovated this year by creating options for special groups of consumers, including some with Sweete, the sweetener made from the stevia plant. At the same time, it turned favourite brands into ice cream and together with chef Giannis Apostolakis, has created flavours that marry tradition to modern ice cream making.  

The response of the public confirmed the company’s strategic choices. Flavours with Sweete (the sweetener from the stevia plant) proved twice as popular as 2012’s 0% sugar ice cream flavours, vindicating the decision to create flavours for people who want or need to watch their diet. Total sales for this category, which offers vanilla, chocolate & lemon and rose flavours, came to 10 tonnes.

This summer confirmed dodoni as Greece’s leading premium ice cream company. Giannis Apostolakis’s new creation, Pistachio Parfait, was an instant hit, becoming the second most successful flavour of the summer out of the 44 offered by dodoni, giving a 10% boost to the parfait category, where total sales reached 87 tonnes.

Similarly successful were dodoni’s ice cream versions of Lacta, Oreo, Merenda and Pavlides Dark Chocolate, which burst into the company’s Τop 10 with sales of 55 tonnes.

At the same time, an increase of 25% was recorded by the 4 flavours that dodoni decided to offer at a special price of 1 euro a scoop this summer (down from €1.60) in view of the financial difficulties being experienced by Greek consumers.

Dodoni’s passion for ice cream is not just limited to the creation of divine flavours. The enjoyment of ice cream is treated as an entire experience. So this summer, dodoni redesigned its packaging for products sold in supermarkets. The new dodoni packaging competed at the international Red Dot: Communication Design 2013 awards, along with 6,800 candidates from 43 countries, receiving first prize in the “re-branding” category at a ceremony held in Berlin on 18 October.


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