Dodoni by hand

For dodoni, ice cream is a passion that has lasted 46 years. From the company’s first shop selling dairy products in Kypseli to the present day, dodoni has constantly looked for new flavours and new ways to evolve, remaining true to the tradition and the values that took the company to the top.

Made from 100% fresh Greek milk and with ingredients selected from Greek producers, divine dodoni is an ice cream for all seasons. The company’s partnership with the famous chef Giannis Apostolakis began in 2013 and involved the creation of uniquely Greek flavours with some unexpected ingredients: his Pasteli ice cream and Pistachio Parfait, not to mention Chocolate & Lemon with Sweete, (the sweetener from the stevia plant for those who want or have to watch their diet), met with great success. 

On 19 December, for just one afternoon, Giannis whipped up special recipes containing dodoni ice creams at a unique live event called “Recreating Traditions” at the Coco-Mat shop in Kolonaki. Representatives from the world of food, design and art gathered together under the same roof to demonstrate traditional techniques and honour the unique value of things made by hand.

The famous chef prepared cocktails with dodoni sorbet and delicious sauces, which he served with mouth-watering soufflé & brownies and divine dodoni ice cream, highlighting the many culinary choices that ice cream offers both in summer and in winter.


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