Three-chocolate ice cream cake with brownies and cherries

by Dina Nicolaou

Ice Cream Cake Overproduction ... As long as they love chocolate, this recipe will become their favorite. Three flavors of divine chocolate ice cream with brownies. What else to ask for?

Preparation: 20

Baking: 25 - 30

Stand by: 4-5 hours


Materials for 8-10 servings

400 g chocolate ice cream with salted candy, DODONI

400 g milk chocolate ice cream DODONI

400 g chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, DODONI

3 tsp. soup sweet cherry or sour cherry

fresh cherries for decoration


For the brownies

200 g good quality couverture 55% cocoa, broken into pieces

130 g butter (or margarine), softened for 1 hour at room temperature + 10 g in addition, for the pan

150 g sugar

1 tin of vanilla powder

3 eggs, preferably organic

70 g flour for all uses

a pinch of salt

100 g walnuts, coarse



For brownies: I preheat the oven to 180 ° C. I melt the couverture into a benn marie, that is to say in a small pot, attached to a larger, simmering a little water.

In a bowl I knock with the mixer the softened butter, sugar and vanilla until I make a mixture fluffy and light. Add the eggs one by one, whipping well after each addition. Add the flour and a little salt and beat well. Finally, I drop the molten couverture and the walnuts and mix well with a spatula.

Butter and flour a 22-24 cm round pan.

I pour the mixture into the pan and bake the brazen for 25-30 minutes - outside it must have acquired a glossy and delicate crust, but in the center it must be moist and almost semi-soft. I let it cool completely.


For assembly: I start by removing the ice cream from the freezer for 15 minutes until it is slightly softened.

I stick with a non-stick paper a 22-24 cm strap.

I cut 1/3 of the brownies in small frames and leave them aside. I put the rest of the brownies in a bowl, crush it with my hands, and squeeze it into the hoop, pressing a little with my hands to create a sponge cake.

I put the chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and with a spoon I apply it as best as I can to cover the whole surface. I scrape the brownies cubes.

Spread the chocolate ice cream with salted caramel and finally apply the last ice cream flavor (milk chocolate ice cream). I chop the sweet cherry (or sour cherry) spoon and straighten well with the spoon. Cover the straw with a transparent film and put it in the freezer for 4-5 hours until it frosts well.

I take the cake out of the refrigerator, remove the membrane and "rub" a little with my palms the torch (I heat it) to remove it with ease.

I decorate with the fresh cherries and serve it instantly.