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Some may say monotonous. For us however every day is unique because it contains the same delight, the same intensity, the same anticipation as that first day we decided to make our first ice cream.

+30 210 6071 300 info@dodoni.com.gr 31 Dodonis Str., Pallini,
Athens, 15351, Greece
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Production & quality assurance

We’ve been making ice cream with the same passion, the same enthusiasm and the same discipline since 1967, having shared dodoni’s unique taste to pretty much everyone in Greece, we reckon that dodoni is the undisputed ice cream expert in the country. We aim to keep the quality bar high with premium products that are high in nutritional value, that’s why we choose the purest ingredients to create an ice cream that can only be described as divine!

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    Pure certified 100% fresh Greek milk
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    Fresh cream
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    Fresh egg yolks
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    Real fruit and whole nuts
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    Cocoa and genuine superior-quality chocolate
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    Quince preserve of our own production, following a traditional recipe using fresh fruit from Volos and in-house production of caramelized almonds
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    Low overrun
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    Without preservatives & artificial colors


Dodoni owns technologically advanced facilities in Pallini Attica, including a microbiological and chemical laboratory. The company has developed a dual quality system certified by TUV Hellas in line with the following ISO standards: ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 22000:2018. According to that all ingredients are certified as non-GMO (not containing genetically modified organisms) and there is no use of Hydro-treated vegetable oil, harmful for health.