Treats - Δωδώνη - Θεϊκό Παγωτό
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Some may say monotonous. For us however every day is unique because it contains the same delight, the same intensity, the same anticipation as that first day we decided to make our first ice cream.

+30 210 6071 300 31 Dodonis Str., Pallini,
Athens, 15351, Greece
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Treats - Δωδώνη - Θεϊκό Παγωτό


Bites, pieces, treats and all were made to be shared. From chocolate bars in unique flavors to mini ice cream cones and sticks. Special tip: Make sure you take one on each hand. Rumor says they all go in pairs or even numbers and you won’t regret it

Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate


Chocolate Rocks